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The Doctor might have mentioned me?

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Among Otters (x)

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Why are we talking to each other in English?
Two non English speakers who share the same first language while chatting on the net, probably (via ignitiondorks)
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"I’m not gonna do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I’m very sorry. It’s not gonna make a difference if I do it or not. Everyone knows about the Ice Bucket Challenge by this point. So instead, I wanted to do what it seems like a lot of people who do the Ice Bucket Challenge don’t do, which is talk about ALS, explain what ALS is. I mean, that was the point, right? […] I’m glad the Ice Bucket Challenge is giving ALS all this attention. […] Like I’ve said, I’m gonna donate a thousand dollars." (via)

Donate: http://alsa.org/donate

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"I let you down… I let everyone down…"

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"I’m alright. I can stand on my own."

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make me choose:

anonymous asked: sukka or tokka?

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There's not a day that will go by that I don't think of you.

Camille French 17 y.o + Potterhead Hufflepuff Whovian Oncer Merlin LOK LOTR HIMYM. + I'm just trying to do a tumblr, that's very difficult for me. + I draw sometimes under the pseudo of "Areo" OTP : River x Eleven , Captain Swan, Hinny, James x Lily, Swarkles (...)